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"We had five branches that were all upgraded to provide the best security for our customers and employees; (i.e. keyless entry, alarm system, and cameras). Cameron and his team have provided us with a wealth of knowledge on what is best to fit our security needs. New Vision has a true passion to take care of their customers."

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What are the Benefits of and Integrated Security System for Your Business?

Businesses lose billions each year to theft, shrinkage, and vandalism. An integrated security system enhances productivity and creates a visual deterrent for theft and burglary. These systems include high-definition surveillance cameras, fire alarms, burglar alarms, access control systems, and indoor/outdoor security lighting options. All together, these commercial security systems allow you to get real-time updates, view a live streams and history from each camera, and even lockdown the entire property. An integrated commercial security system puts the power in your hands. 

Top 10 Benefits on a Commercial Security System

1. Proof of Theft or Vandalism

2. Monitoring Customers, Employees and Visitors

3. Monitoring Product and Inventory

4. Improved Productivity

5. Reduced Insurance Costs

6. Reduction in Workplace Incidents

7. Energy Savings

8. Prevent fraudulent Activity

9. Prevent False Insurance Claims

10. Real Time Updates and Monitoring

A commercial Security system helps to reduce your chance of theft while increasing confidence in your team’s safety and your business’ security. An investment in a professionally installed commercial security system includes a lifetime benefits for your business.

Which Type of Commercial Security System is Right for You?

You’ve worked hard to build a business so the last thing you’d want is for theft or burglary to compromise your safety and reputation. Since these systems can sent real time updates to your phone or computer, they’re a proactive measure to avoid or lessen the impact of burglary, fire, and other incidents. Business Security and alarm systems can be tailored to suit any budget with much less hassle than you might imagine. Choosing a commercial security system can seem overwhelming but it’s quite simple 

 For comparison, we can loosely organize all home security systems into 3 main types -they are:

  • Basic Commercial Security System

  • Intermediate Commercial Security System

  • Advanced Commercial Security System

Basic Commercial Security – Basic commercial security can be as simple as a doorbell camera and a single sensor entry alarm. The doorbell camera captures video of your visitors and will send push notifications directly to your phone. The entry alarm pairs a magnet with a sensor so you’ll hear an alarm if the door is opened.

Intermediate Commercial Security – Intermediate commercial security systems use automatic dial-out to alert your smartphone, a family member, and even first responders in the case of an emergency. These systems will have sensors at all entryways and access points. You may also choose to incorporate flood detectors, fire alarms, smoke detectors, and temperature sensors.

Advanced (Smart) Commercial Security – The most advanced commercial security systems use your home’s WiFi network and cloud based storage to monitor and also control a variety of security devices in-app directly from your smartphone. These advanced systems will typically makes use of a controlled access systems to secure access points and even individual rooms.


    A commercial security system is only as good as the installer. So whether it’s a basic doorbell camera or a fully integrated system with access control, look for a reputable company to professionally install the system and monitor it for you.

    Cameron Fleck

    Owner, NewVision Security

    Top 4 Considerations for Your Commercial Security System

    There are so many options for commercial security systems that it can feel overwhelming. Whether you’re upgrading an existing system or starting from scratch, these are the top consideration for your commercial security system:

    1. What Quality of Video Streaming Do You Need? The best systerms on the market today include High-definition (HD) streaming with 20+ megapixel cameras and loss-free HD streaming. The loss-free streaming may be important because since it prevents glitches, blackouts, and missed details.

    2. How Will the System Scale With Your Business? – Many businesses have legacy investments they wish to incoporate as well as future plans for growth. It’s important to know if these requests can be accomodated by your security system insaller.

    3. What Are the Unique Requirments of Your Commercial Property? -Do you have a large and expansive parking lot or a narrow and under lit alley? Be sure to have a security professional map out your property with the appropriate security cameras and controlled access points.

    4. Consider Support and Service – When you’re making an investment for the safety of your tenants and guests, you’ll want to know that your system is installed properly and monitoring 24/7/365. You may also need support resources for training, system updates, and ongoing service, so be sure that your security system installer has boots on the ground to minimize any downtime in the event of power surges and outages.

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    I just had a home system put in and I am absolutely amazed how many features this system has. Not only that, but it is half the cost of ADT. Thanks for everything guys!!.”

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    Thank you for the awesome security systems for my restaurants! I appreciate the customer service, fair pricing, and the latest technology!.”

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    I chose New Vision Security for both of my business locations and am very happy with their support and service..”

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