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Cameron Fleck, Owner

Cameron Fleck, Owner

FROM A SMALL FARM, Cameron grew up with exposure to working on police cars and CCTV cameras. It wasn’t long before electronics became his passion.

He started NewVision out of a garage, working to get the company up and running. Nearly a year later, he had left his job, rented a shop, and NewVision became his full-time focus.

“My team and I have worked hard the past three years — we feel we have a lot to prove,” he says. “We are still very much at the beginning of creating something different and great in the industry.”

We’re not afraid of long hours. We’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done whether it’s here in North Dakota, even Minnesota, South Dakota, and Montana.



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NewVision Security Mission Statement

To be recognized as the best of the best industry leader, creating a certain level of safety, security, and protection which gives peace of mind that a person, business, and home deserves. We will accomplish this through our highly trained and certified team members. The best in technology and processes 24/7/365.

Our Reputation is Built and Maintained by Hard-Working Folks Who Share a Vision for Safer Communities and Buildings


The Team

After about five years of owning New Vision Security, that was established 25 years ago, Cameron leads a team of four technicians, two sales staff and a few other support staff to success. “Our technicians are part of the National Fire Protection Agency and are also certified on the equipment that we install so we aren’t installing low end product by any means,” says Cameron. One of my lead technician’s reviews blogs day and night doing research on the best products to bring to Cameron’s attention. “He comes to me and say’s ‘Cameron we need to have this product, if we have the product we’ll be able to do this and that and that’s exactly what I want him doing.”

The Business

Being that New Vision is located in Bismarck has not held back this company one bit, in fact it has helped make it even better. “I had a much larger company owner from Minneapolis tell me last week that they can’t believe the product lineup that we have,” explains Cameron. Living in North Dakota we have a luxury of maybe not hitting those same sales goals as a larger company but still getting those high-end brands because we can’t just focus solely on the storage unit industry or the health care facilities because there are not enough. Manufacturers are allowing us, which we didn’t think would happen this early on in the business, to picked up some major brands and we have pretty much the entire North Dakota and South Dakota locked down on some of those products,” explains Cameron.

So the gas refineries and the oil companies aren’t getting the same product as our health care company. New Vision offers a flagship line for healthcare, oil and gas, and banks. They have software that can do different analytics, even track a person around an entire facility.

Each business, industry, and property have their own unique set of security requirements ranging from a simple IP camera system all the way up to a fully integrated security system with controlled access and lockdown capabilities (banks and schools). From a small mom and pop shop all the way up to the Dickinson School District, NewVison goes through that process to make sure that they are offering and designing the system that is most beneficial and one that they can use.


Quality installation and then getting the right parts and pieces installed the right way, right away is a huge link especially for longevity. “It requires boots on the ground from the very beginning and ongoing support to keep the system up to date. That’s where we really differentiate ourselves as a local service team,” says Cameron, “We are going in there, putting in programming and doing a lot of training with the customer to ensure that they have the proper installation and the proper knowledge of how to use the system. It’s definitely something that requires training and certification and an actual relationship with a manufacturer on our part.”

Service and Support

Be proactive not reactive. When New Vision builds a system they are monitoring the health of the system much like an I.T. company monitoring your computers at your office. “If a camera goes down or an alarm is beeping we call on you the next day and take care of it. If a hard drive fails we’ll get it fixed so that you’re not finding out after a crime happened,” says Cameron. With a 24-hour service call option New Vision is always there. Actual burglar alarms like bank fire alarms where you need 24/7 dispatch center New Vision contracts out.

The Future

There are regulations for companies whether you’re a banker or in oil and gas. All the systems that New Vision puts in help automate so that those regulations are being met. “There are a lot of regulations around power plants and substations where our services are becoming mandatory. By 2020 you have to have camera and keycard access to track everybody through your marijuana grow facility. They all have to be tracked and watched by the state. So basically we’re just trying to help people meet the regulations that are being passed down from Washington or wherever,” explains Cameron.

“We have security right in our name and that’s really what we focus on at the end of the day. By allowing us to focus just on security it allows us to really handle all the different market segments. But at the core, we stay focused within the security realm on access control cameras, burglar alarms, electronic security, etc. And since we stay hyper focused on that we believe that separates us apart from other companies that are offering one product and just one solution,” explains Cameron. “It gives me a lot of satisfaction to know that we play an important role in keeping North Dakota a safe place to have a business and a family”. Credit: Bismarck Magazine – Volume 4: Issue 5 

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