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Monitor Your Visitors

Having maintenance done on your house?  A home security system adds a visual deterrent and allows you to check-in from your phone.


Check on Your Kids and Pets

See when your kids are home from school and if your babysitter is keeping up with the little ones

Mobile Alerts for Moisture

You don’t need to be a snowbird to appreciate real-time updates and moisture alert from your basement or utility room.

We just had a home security system installed through New Vision and couldn't be happier!

-Kendra Ungerer, Bismarck ND

Our mission is to create safer neighborhoods, one security system at a time.

Choosing a home security system can seem overwhelming but it’s quite simple when you break it down.  

Home security systems can be tailored to suit any budget with much less hassle than you might imagine. For comparison, we can loosely organize all home security systems into 3 main types -they are:

  • Basic Home Security System
  • Intermediate Home Security System
  • Advanced Home Security System

Basic Home Security – Basic home security can be as simple as a doorbell camera and a single sensor entry alarm. The doorbell camera captures video of your visitors and will send push notifications directly to your phone. The entry alarm pairs a magnet with a sensor so you’ll hear an alarm if the door is opened.

Intermediate Home Security – Intermediate Home security systems use automatic dial-out to alert your smartphone, a family member, and even first responders in the case of an emergency. These systems will have sensors at all entryways and access points. You may also choose to incorporate flood detectors, fire alarms, smoke detectors, and temperature sensors.

Smart Home Security – The most advanced home security systems use your home’s WiFi network and cloud based storage to monitor and also control a variety of security devices in-app directly from your smartphone.

With Smart home security, you’ll be able to use your phone to remotely control things like:

    • Security cameras
    • door locks
    • lights
    • Entry locks
    • Thermostats
    • Sprinkler systems
    • Hot tub temperature
    • Even your dog’s door and food bowl!

What are the Benefits of Intelligent Automation?

Home automation is more than a buzzword. It can keep neighborhood crime at bay and at the same time unlock the endless potential of your home. Here are the main benefits of home automation:

Automated Security  – The main benefit of home automation is the remote control and monitoring of your security system’s cameras as well as doors, windows, and other components – all from your smartphone or computer.

Automated Lighting – Another major benefit of home automation is the remote control of your lighting and window coverings. So that when you go on vacation, you can automate your lights and blinds so that your home appears occupied.

Automated Energy Savings – In many cases, the energy savings alone will pay for the home automation. Automate your thermostat, vents and window blinds to save money year round

That Wow Factor – What’s better than having total command of your fortress? Home automation unlocks a wide variety of abilities. Like the ability to see and speak with a visitor on your doorstep -then unlock the door remotely because its your aunt from the cities.

So whether you’re looking for complete peace of mind, the energy efficiency, or that WOW factor, give us a call today for a free estimate: 701-222-8888

A home security system is only as good as the installer. Whether it’s a basic doorbell camera or a fully automated smart home system, look for a reputable company to professionally install the system and monitor it for you.

Cameron Fleck

Owner, NewVision Security

Top 4 Considerations for Your Home Security System

      Whether you’re upgrading an existing system or starting form scratch, these are the top consideration for your home security system:

1. What you already have. Are you able to scale your current security system? In other words, will some new components integrate with what you already have? You may find that you can save money by integrating a few new cameras – with your legacy investments – so that they don’t go to waste.

2. Consider Video Quality – The second thing to consider is the video quality – which is really dependent on the lens, the sensors, and the processing. The new industry standard is 4k (or 8MP) cameras with loss-free streaming -though it’s unlikely you’ll need the highest megapixel cameras throughout your entire property.

3. Consider Your Property – A narrow, but well lit hallway, doesn’t require a high megapixel camera but you’ll be glad to have the image clarity on a wide and expansive parking lot. Be sure to have a security professional map out your property with the appropriate security cameras and controlled access points.

4. Consider Support and Service – When you’re making an investment for the safety of your tenants and guests, you’ll want to know that your system is set up properly and monitoring 24/7/365.

You may also need support resources for training, system updates, and ongoing service, so be sure that your security system installer has boots on the ground to minimize any downtime in the event of power surges and outages.

FREE Flood Sensor with Alarm System at No Cost to You!

No Money Down. Payments from $30/mo.

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