Church Security Systems

Protecting churches and places of worship brings a unique set of challenges. The security systems cannot be intrusive overbearing. Metal detectors and rigid access control systems are not an option for shared spaces. We’ll make sure your church’s security system is discreet so it will continue to foster a community of inclusion.

What are the Benefits of Security Systems for Churches?


Similar to local businesses, churches are designed to be inviting spaces where people can go to connect and recharge themselves spiritually. We want our churches to be inclusive spaces that can be visited at service times and throughout the week. Unfortunately, churches can be targeted based on their belief system. Churches need to ensure that their congregation is safe and their building is protected around the clock. At NewVision Security, we provide and install customized security systems specifically for churches, temples, mosques, synagogues, and other places or worship. Starting with a security audit of your church, we will evaluate the property for areas of vulnerability.

Cameron and his team are exceptional. They were prompt and professional when installing security features at our non-profit. Outstanding local company. I highly recommend them for your security needs.

-Kelsey Z. 


Benefits of an Access Control Systems for a Church

Installing an electronic access control system in a church can be incredibly useful for securing the property after hours. For example, your church’s access control system can be programmed to automatically lock and unlock various exterior doors before and after service times. It can also be useful to “badge in” to your church offices, the sacristy, and other secured areas.

NewVision Security Systems Designs Solutions Specifically for Churches and Places of Worship

In the long run, having a security system designed specifically for your church, synagogue, temple, or place of worship will help protect life and property for years to come. Behind the scenes, your security, access control, and video monitoring systems will ensure that events and threats are documented and avoided. Your parishioners, faculty, and congregation will be grateful that you’ve taken good measure to protect the property. 

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