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Hospitals and clinics serve as sanctuaries of healing, where patients, staff, and visitors alike should feel safe and secure. At NewVision Security, we recognize the critical importance of providing robust security solutions tailored to the unique needs of healthcare facilities.

Benefits of Security Systems for Utility Companies
Video surveillance systems are essential for enhancing the physical security of substations and power plants, providing early warning capabilities for various events, including equipment failure and criminal activities. When integrated with access control systems, these security solutions enable quick detection of incidents, prevention of crime, protection of mission-critical equipment, and gathering of valuable operational insights. The benefits of upgrading IP surveillance and access control systems for utility companies include increased workplace productivity, reduced claims and liability, compliance with industry regulations, visual deterrent against trespassing, theft, and vandalism, remote monitoring capabilities, improved operational efficiency, enhanced incident reporting, automatic equipment monitoring and alerts, asset management, substation automation, motion detection, event triggers, perimeter violation alerts, and more.
Why Do Utility Companies Need Security Systems?
Utility companies face various security threats, including physical security risks, vandalism, theft, time loss incidents, unplanned maintenance, equipment damage, personnel issues, acts of terrorism, and disruptions to the supply of essential services. With high stakes involved in maintaining a steady supply of electricity, water, and gas, utility companies rely on modern security technologies to protect their people, equipment, and critical infrastructure.
Protecting People, Equipment, and Critical Infrastructure
NewVision Security designs robust video surveillance systems capable of withstanding harsh environments, including North Dakota’s challenging winters and demanding substations. Our security solutions feature IP cameras and PTZ cameras that are dust and water-tight, deliver high-definition video on-demand with remote access, withstand extreme temperature variations, comply with evolving regulatory requirements such as NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) standards, ensure compatibility with existing systems and technologies, safeguard entry points with access control systems, withstand electromagnetic interference, vibration, shock, chemical degradation, and destructive pollutants. With our expertise in designing tailored security solutions for utility companies and power plants, we ensure that your security, access control, and video monitoring systems meet the rigorous demands for years to come, enhancing life protection, asset management, and operational efficiency.

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