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In the oil and gas industry, safety and security are paramount considerations due to the high-risk nature of operations. NewVision Security offers cutting-edge surveillance solutions specifically tailored to meet the unique challenges of this industry, providing peace of mind and protection for workers and assets.

Security System Benefits

Benefits of a Security System in the Oil & Gas Industry

Mitigates Security Challenges
The oil and gas industry faces a multitude of security challenges, ranging from trespassing and theft to vandalism and civil protests. Implementing a comprehensive security system offers several benefits to mitigate these risks effectively.
Visual Deterrent and Safety Protocol
Security cameras act as a visual deterrent, significantly reducing the likelihood of incidents such as trespassing, theft, and vandalism. Moreover, these cameras capture safety violations, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and promoting a culture of safety among workers.
Remote Monitoring and Video Logs
With 24/7 remote monitoring capabilities, stakeholders can view job sites from anywhere, enabling quick detection and response to potential security threats. Additionally, video logs provide access to recorded footage, facilitating incident investigation and identifying areas for improvement in safety protocols.
Job Site Surveillance Designed for the Oil Field
NewVision Security specializes in providing job site surveillance solutions tailored to the demands of the oil field. From analyzing job sites to preventing false claims and ensuring productivity, our systems are designed to exceed industry standards for safety and security.
Safeguarding Your Job Sites and Well Pads
Our professionally installed security systems offer integration with existing systems, thermal cameras for leak and fire detection, and the ability to monitor well sites even in complete darkness. By reducing risks in mission-critical operations and remote locations, our solutions protect life, assets, and the environment.
Promoting Jobsite Safety in the Oil Field
In North Dakota’s Bakken oil formation and other regions, jobsite safety is a top priority due to the demanding and sometimes dangerous nature of oil field operations. NewVision Security understands the importance of ensuring the safety and well-being of workers in these environments, and our solutions are designed to enhance jobsite safety measures effectively.

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